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Free MicroVolts Redeem Codes Giveaways

Free MicroVolts Redeem Codes Giveaways

Download From Or you can direct download from is giving you a very limited number of giveaways keys for MicroVolts - the online multiplayer toy shooter game! Get your key now Daily 200 Keys Added at 12:00am. Get yours quick or wait for tomorrow for more details visit About MicroVolts Players have full access to 7 different types of weapons during a match. All weapon types are available to any player, not being tied down to a specific class. Being able to quickly switch weapons to suit the current situation in a match is a key aspect of gameplay. Features: • 4 characters to choose from that are customizable with a choice of thousands of cosmetic items. • Choose from 7 different types of weapons, each being fully upgradeable. • Strategic teamwork that offers dynamic and fast paced game play. • Multiple maps, designed by Toy Concept, offer a distinct and vibrant game environment.
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